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Some parents remember wanting nothing more than a little red wagon when they were young. Those children who were lucky enough to have one were the epitome of cool on their block. The wagon became everything from a race car to something out of the wild west, and some kids even transformed the wagon into a type of go kart. Now, however, technology has become so important in the lives of many children and adults that people are forgetting about how amazing wagons for kids can be.

3 Best Kids Wagons

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Step2 Wagons

Fortunately there are still some companies that do what they can to make great kids wagons. While many of these companies are newer and are just getting into the wagon-making game, others have been around for years and are refining their wagons to be even more kid and parent friendly! Whether you’ve got one child or more than one, you may want to think about adding a wagon to your toy arsenal.

How to Find the Right Wagon

Finding the right model is actually very easy. The first thing you have to think about is the age and size of your child. Is your child very young? If so, you will likely want to stick to the plastic wagons for kids. There are many heavy-duty plastic wagons that are created for younger children. These kids wagons are designed to be both lightweight and safe for young children. The fact that they’re light allows a child to be able to put their favorite toys or stuffed animals into the wagon and to cart them around. The fact that they’re built with heavy duty plastic materials means that they can take the beating that your child will likely rain down upon the toy. It also means that it won’t break the minute they run into a wall, even if that wall is made out of bricks!

If you have an older child, you can look at the models that are made out of metal. The best thing about these wagons is that they’re also made very well, and that they are designed to last for more than a lifetime, much like the wagons for kids we remember from when we were young. These are the types of wagons that can be stored in the attic and rediscovered years later when the child is grown up and has their own children! Metal wagons, however, should be avoided by families with very young children, as it is easier to get hurt on a metal one than it is to get hurt on a plastic one, especially if your child is one who likes to drag the wagon around as fast as they can go.

Looking at reviews is a good way to find the right kids wagons. There are tons of different review sites available online to look at, allowing you to be able to find the right wagon without having to waste your money buying the wrong one a time or two first. Make sure, though, that you look at the review for the wagons you’re looking at on at least two different websites, and that you try to avoid the manufacturer’s website reviews. While the manufacturer may put real reviews up, their main goal is to sell the product, so the reviews might not tell you everything about the wagon that you need to know.

When you’re trying to decide which kids wagon to buy, start by looking at the manufacturer. If the company has a bad reputation, stay away from the wagon, even if the wagon has good reviews on different review sites. You never know when a company is going to make a mistake and put a bad part on a wagon, even if they’ve never done it before. Try to stick with companies that have become well-known and that have high ratings from all of the toy reviewers.

Best Kids Wagon Brands

There are a number of companies that make and sell wagons, but there are some that have become known for being much better than their competitors. The first is Radio Flyer. This company has been making wagons since 1917, and while they began making wooden wagons, they quickly changed to making little red metal wagons. While they now make a number of different types of toys, including ride on toys and bicycles, the little red wagon, which has been dubbed the Radio Flyer wagon, was, and still is for many, one of the best types of wagons that you can purchase. Now Radio Flyer makes a number of different types of kids wagons, including ones for younger children made out of a plastic material, and ones for older children made out of the traditional metal.

Another well-known company that has become known for making wagons is the Little Tikes brand. Little Tikes is known for making a number of different types of toys, including ride on toys as well as wagons. They specialize in making toys for young children, and have become known in the toy world as a company that has made some of the safest toys for young children that have ever existed. You can find a number of different types of wagons made by Little Tikes, and each one is tested and re-tested to make sure that it is safe for your child.

In the toy world, a kids wagon may seem like a very unsophisticated piece of equipment, but in reality, children can actually have a great deal of fun with them. With just one toy your child can become anything that thy want to become, from a race car driver to a stagecoach driver to a space explorer. And best yet, these toys come in a variety of different sizes and made of different materials, allowing you to find the right kids wagons for your child no matter how old they are. Then you can sit back, watch them play, and reminisce about the first wagon you got when you were little.

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