Best Electric Ride on Toys

Just about every kid loves electric ride on toys. They move just about on their own, with just a push of a pedal or a turn of a handlebar. They move fairly fast and they have brakes. In many ways, it’s just like driving a real car- one of the things that kids love about any electric ride on toy. A mere decade ago, there weren’t too many of these ride on toys available in the toy market, and the one that were available were prohibitively expensive for most parents. Now, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different models available, and most fall well within the price range that many parents can afford.

Top 3 Electric Ride on Toys for Boys

Top 3 Electric Riding Toys for Girls

Best Electric Ride on Toys from Power Wheels

Best Electric Riding Toys from Peg Perego

Electric Motorcycles and Mini-Bikes

Electric Razor Scooters

How to Find the Best Models
There are so many different types of electric ride on toys available that parents may be a little confused as to which one they should buy. One piece of advice parents should remember is that it is never a great idea to buy one ride on toy for two or more young children to share. All the kids are going to want to drive, and someone will invariably end up unhappy. As affordable as ride on toys have become in recent years, there is no reason not to buy each child his or her own. This way, each child can have an electric ride on toy that fits his or her interests, personality, and preferences. There are models available that are designed to look like tiny versions of popular cars, trucks, and even motorcycles built by major vehicle manufacturers, and there are also many ride on toys that feature popular cartoon characters. In most cases, parents know their children well enough to know which one of the many available electric ride on toys their children would prefer, but it could never hurt to ask if they have a favorite.

Safety Precautions

With all ride on toys, whether they are pedal toys or battery operated, parents should make sure their children exercise caution when riding. Kids should always be supervised, and this is especially important with younger kids. With pedal ride on toys, kids can simply put their feet on the ground if they need to stop in a big hurry. But that is not the case with electric ride on toys. Most of them have wider bases, and kids’ legs generally are not long enough to touch the ground while the child is sitting on the seat. Even if they were, simply placing the feet on the ground is not going to do much to slow the momentum created by the battery and motor in an electric ride on toy. Kids should be instructed how to use the toy’s braking mechanism, and should be taught that if they’re not sure about a certain situation, it’s best to put on the brakes. Parents should teach them to never ride in the street without an adult beside them, and they should never try to drive the toy off the end of the sidewalk and onto the street. This can cause a bump to the front end that sends the child flying, or if the angle is just a little off, the car can actually flip over, resulting in injury.

With all electric ride on toys, kids should be made to wear the proper safety gear at all times. This includes a good, sturdy helmet, elbow and knee pads, and gloves made especially for use as safety gear. It is also a good idea to have the child wear a good pair of sneakers (as opposed to sandals) that are in good repair. Kids will probably balk at the idea of having to wear so much padding, but it is well worth the hassle to know that if something happens, your child will be protected from everything from skinned knees to head injuries. It only takes about a minute to strap all the proper safety gear onto your child, and it could potentially save you a lot of grief.

Best Brands

There are several different brands of electric ride on toys available, but there are a few that stand out from the crowd. Some really great ones are Peg Perego, Power Wheels, and Razor. Each company’s ride on toy selection is a little different, but they are all good quality toys that we can recommend with confidence. Which one you decide on is, in the end, up to you.

Peg Perego’s line of electric ride on toys is well known for durability and their very realistic appearance and performance. They are high quality toys that parents and grandparents have come to count on for their lasting durability. They offer a wide variety of different types of battery powered ride on toys. Some of their ride on toys are built to look like farm equipment, like their John Deere ride on toys line. One very popular toy in Peg Perego’s electric ride on toy line is the ATV, or All Terrain Vehicle. There are several different models available, all designed to look like different brands of full- sized ATVs, and even named after them. One popular example is the Polaris 800, a kid sized four- wheeler built to look just like its adult sized namesake.

Power Wheels has a full line of electric ride on toys as well, designed for younger kids and toddlers. Most of these are either designed to move at a top speed of 2.5 miles per hour, or they are built with a parental control feature that allows parents to set the top speed at 2.5 miles an hour for safety. There are several models available, from ATVs to Jeeps to pickup trucks, and there are several models designed especially for fans of cartoon shows, such as the Dora the Explorer vehicles. There is even a full line of Barbie vehicles available just for the little girl driver in the house. Parents have many models to choose from when choosing an electric ride on toy for their child from the Power Wheels line.

Another brand of electric ride on toy is the Razor product line. Their battery operated ride on toys consist mostly of motorized scooters, both standing and sitting models. The vast majority of these are designed and recommended for older children because they move considerably faster than ride on toys made by other companies. Some are for children age eight and up, and some are for children twelve and over. When shopping for a battery operated ride on toy for your child, it is important to look at the recommended age range before you buy.

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